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HVAC Services  in Georgetown
HVAC Services  in Georgetown

HVAC Georgetown

Peel Heating and Air Conditioning is your top choice for high-quality, custom solutions for your home’s HVAC in Georgetown.

Understanding Your HVAC System

Keeping your home comfortable throughout the year is possible with a high-quality HVAC system, also known as a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Homeowners can control their indoor temperature and comfort using what is known as a thermostat. The heating equipment in your home usually consists of an air duct network, boiler, heat pump, or furnace. These units either heat water or air and then distribute the heat throughout your house or move heat from one spot to another. Ventilation regulates the airflow between the inside and outside of your home using fans or blowers to keep your indoor air quality fresh and healthy for you and your family.

If you have an air conditioning system in your home, the air is cooled and made less humid using a refrigeration cycle. Your home’s compressor and condenser remove heat before transferring it outside, while an evaporator coil cools the air indoors. A heat pump functions in the same way in the summer by moving heat energy from within your home to the outdoors to cool down your interior.

Our Range of HVAC Solutions

We are pleased to offer comprehensive HVAC repair, maintenance, and installation services to residents in Georgetown, Ontario, and the surrounding communities. Working with Peel Heating and Air Conditioning gives you peace of mind, knowing your home and HVAC system are in capable hands with our team. For customized HVAC solutions, count on us to get the job done right.

Why Choose Us for Your HVAC Needs

With more than 40 years of experience, Peel Heating and Air Conditioning’s team set the bar for precision and competency in our line of work. We are ready to provide you with a customized service that is tailored to your needs, whether you need HVAC maintenance, repairs, or a new system installed. To ensure that jobs are finished swiftly and effectively without compromising quality, our leading technicians hold the G1, G2, 313A & 313D, 308A, ODP, Wardflex, Supervisor Training Program, and IHSA certifications.

The certified HVAC technicians at Peel Heating and Air Conditioning are available 24/7/365 days a year, including after-hours, weekends, and holidays, at no extra cost.

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HVAC Georgetown FAQs

Numerous factors, including the type of system, usage patterns, servicing plans, and local conditions in the environment, can affect how long an HVAC system lasts. The following are the average service lives of HVAC systems:

·  Furnace: Gas furnaces typically last 20 to 25 years before having to be upgraded.

·  Air Conditioning: The average lifespan of a central air conditioner system is between 15 and 20 years.

·  Heat Pump: Suitable for both cooling and heating purposes, heat pumps have a typical lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

·  Boiler: Boilers have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years.

Prompt repairs, regular maintenance, and proper usage all have a major impact on the operational life of HVAC systems. As a result, we advise homeowners to schedule a professional maintenance appointment at least every year. HVAC systems that are not regularly maintained typically have a shorter service life and are more prone to tedious and expensive repairs that will affect your overall comfort during the year.

Several factors determine whether or not purchasing an HVAC system is a wise move.

·  Current system condition: Investing in a new HVAC system can provide improved performance, reduced utility bills, and improved energy efficiency if your current system is outdated, ineffective, or requires frequent repairs.

·  Energy efficiency objectives: Replacing an outdated HVAC system with a more contemporary model that uses less energy can save you a great deal of money on energy costs over time. Think about the financial and environmental advantages a new system can offer you.

·  Financial considerations: Assess your d budget. Even though a new HVAC system can have long-term advantages, it’s crucial to make sure that the initial investment is within your means and financial objectives. If this isn’t an option, Peel Heating offers flexible financing to help you make it happen.

·  Discounts: See if there are any discounts or promotions available to help you set off some of the initial investment costs associated with purchasing a new HVAC system.

Purchasing an HVAC system for your home as opposed to renting one is a major, long-term choice that is different for every homeowner. However, owning your equipment comes with numerous benefits compared to renting one. For starters, although the upfront purchase cost may deter you, the fact that you own the equipment can add long-term value to your home, especially if you decide to sell in the future.

Selecting the HVAC system that best suits your needs is made possible by the freedom you have as a homeowner. The kind, brand, and features of the system are all customizable to suit your preferences, requirements, and budgetary limitations, which is something that is limited with rental agreements. In addition, compared to leasing contracts where monthly payments are subject to fluctuation, purchasing offers you a sense of long-term predictability and stability. It provides you greater freedom to decide how comfortable your house will be over time.

So don’t be afraid to get in touch with Peel Heating & Air Conditioning to arrange a consultation with one of our home comfort advisors if you’re looking for a new HVAC system in beautiful Georgetown, Ontario. They’ll guide you through the process of selecting the best unit for your requirements as well as your finances during this consultation. In addition, they will provide you with exclusive information on our ongoing sales and financing plans, which can result in significant cost savings for you. A complimentary, no-obligation estimate for the purchase of a new system is included with every consultation.

Make an appointment online or over the phone today for a consultation for a new HVAC in Georgetown.

What Homeowners Say About Peel Heating’s HVAC Services

“A.D. Nahal was the rep from Peel Heating and Air Conditioning that provided our maintenance service this year. He was terrific. Polite, clear with explanations. He arrived promptly and was most efficient in his work. He provided a verbal report to us and left the place spotless. We’re used to great service from this company, and received it again this year! Thanks Peel HAC!”​

“The lead technician Runualdo and his helper Robert, did excellent work. They worked very efficiently. The work was done very skillfully. They explained everything. They cleaned the work area well after they finished the work. Thank you for the good job Runualdo and Robert.”​

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What Homeowners Say About Us

“I was very pleased with Peel Heating and Air Conditioning. Brad, Robert and Jimmy installed the items in my home during the holidays and they were very professional and pleasant to deal with. Thank you for your help and for being so accommodating.”​

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